Don Smith 2002 NCCC Mens National Champion

Don Smith dedicated all his available time and energies to winning the NCCC Mens National Championship in to 2002.  This  feat has usually been accomplished  by married couples.  It should be noted that Don accomplished this single-handed with help from his many racing family friends when needed. This included his primary rival for the championship that year, Rene Cardenas.
Johnny & Debbis NCCC Champions

Johnny & Debbie Haskell 2009 NCCC National Champions

Johnny and Debbie made the Summer of 2009 a crusade across the country of racing, trashing vehicles, tires, and bankbook to win the NCCC Mens and Womens NCCC National Championships in 2009.  This  feat can only be accomplished with unwavering commitment and a lot of fortitude.  The many friends acquired in the process are as rewarding as the NCCC Trophy(s)

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