Carolina Corvettes Club Inc.

March 2012 Meeting Minutes


Minutes of March 13, 2012 Meeting

Meeting was held at J Peters Bar and Grill on Market Point Drive.   Following dinner, Blair Collins, President, called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the February 14, 2012 meeting were read and approved as written.   

Johnny Haskel gave the Governor’s report.   There was a Governor’s meeting in February but he did not have any details.  In the Carolina region, two car shows are scheduled in eastern NC during April.  Events are listed on the web site.      

Debbie Haskel gave the treasurer’s report.  There is $xxxx.77 in checking and $xxxx.38 in savings.   

The club banquet was discussed. 

The March event will be bowling on the 17th at Golden Lanes in Simpsonville.
Upcoming club events were discussed.  In April, Mike Hovan will plan a mountain drive.  In July, there will be a party at the Haskel’s.  In August, the will be a photo rally.  Emil will host a Halloween party for the October event.

The club autocross was discussed.   
Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Griffin


Preliminary March Meeting Summary

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick meeting summary for anyone who missed the March 13th meeting and some additional details that are for everyone.

The March event is an evening of bowling at Golden Lanes (map link) in Simpsonville starting at 6:30 pm this Saturday (3/17).  The address is: 
108 Balcome Blvd
Simpsonville, SC 29681
In the meeting it was stated it's exit 31 off of I385.  I'm having trouble confirming that using Google but it looks darn close.  It appears to be the exit for NE Main St and then you go north east once off the interstate (from N-I385 turn left, from S-I385 turn right), then make the second right onto Balcome Blvd and it should be immediately on your right.  They do have a full bar and food if you'd like to just purchase dinner while you're there.  I believe a number of people intend to do that.  I would also recommend trying to be a little early so we can get an accurate head count and get on the lanes.  

For the April event Mike has volunteered to plan a cruise.  No other details about that at this time but we'll get those out to you as soon as possible.

Those were the really important details for upcoming events.  Always remember you can also check the website to stay up to date on other goings on.  Thanks all,



Hi Everyone,

I heard from Greg and the time sensitive updates he was going to share last night (13th)were there are a few autocrosses coming up in Florida and one in Huntsville, AL.  You should be able to get more information on those if you're interested by going to the NCCC website and going to the Florida and Southeast region sites respectively.  There is also an upcoming autocross over Memorial day weekend in Knoxville, TN and that includes 21 low speed events.  Thanks,