CCI Club Awards, Reference & Historical Info


Jack Lowery Award

This award is given annually to recognize the Carolina Corvettes member who has consistently promoted thebest interests of the club and advocates standards of excellence in club goals, activities and achievements.It is dedicated to the memory of Jack Lowery, who worked in the parts department of Rex Osteen Chevrolet when Carolina Corvettes was formed in 1965.

In those days, the dealership kept the parts department openuntil 10 pm, and Jack managed it during those hours. As a result, he became friends with all those whoowned, maintained and raced their Corvettes.The new club needed a permanent meeting place, and Jack was kind enough to obtain the dealership'sconference room for use on a regular basis. He was an avid supporter of CCI and its members, and inaddition to the meeting place, he provided parts and service at discounted prices. Most notably, if a clubmember needed replacement parts after hours or on weekends, Jack would meet the member at thedealership, open up the parts department, and sell the need parts.

At the annual club banquet in January 1969, Jack was made an honorary member, then passed away the following month.

This award was initiated in his honor, and for many years was presented to the winner at the annual banquet by his widow.This tradition continues, and the trophy is awarded each year at the annual club banquet.

Club Conduct Considerations

Carolina Corvette Club, Inc. is a club formed for the mutual enjoyment of the Chevrolet Corvette. This automobile is a high performance sports car, and our club both sponsors and attends events dedicated to the display of this car’s beauty and performance. Each aspect of this car has an appropriate place in which to demonstrate its strength and uniqueness.

Carolina Corvette Club will sponsor and attend events for these as well as other purposes. While attending these events, our conduct must demonstrate a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere relative to the events' announced purpose. Conduct unbecoming our club such as unsafe acts with our cars (unannounced burn-outs, burn outs in crowded forums, impromptu drag racing, etc.) and other improper operations of our cars as well as improper personal conduct will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the event site. Repeat violators will be subject to actions as defined in club bylaws, Article IV, Status of Membership, Section A, Suspension.


Corvette Club Glossary and Definitions

This section is provided for your reference if you are unsure about an activity or speed event. Some definitions are taken from the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) competition manual. If you don't see it here, e-mail us your question. We'll get you an answer and add it here.

There are 7 basic types of NCCC Sanctioned Events, with the Speed type being further divided into 6 categories, some of which can be either HIGH SPEED or LOW SPEED.


Sanctioned events

SPEED EVENTS may be either a Low or High Speed Event (does not apply to MT on a drag strip). A LOW SPEED Event is one in which the maximum obtainable speed by any Group I or Group II car is less than 80 mph. At a HIGH SPEED Event, all roadsters are required to have roll bars.

* Denotes either HIGH SPEED or LOW SPEED Event


Gymkhana, Speedkhana, Slalom, or parking lot speed events where a course is set up using pylons and/or a track. Cars race against the clock, not wheel to wheel. Designed to test driving skills. The course (one run) is less than 1 mile in length.




Time Trial*

An Autocross where the course (1 run) is over 1 mile in length, such as long road courses.


Matching Times (MT)*

Acceleration test of at least 1/8 mile (can be run side by side on a sanctioned drag strip) or a timed run on an autocross course - for consistency. The course (1 run) is less than 1 mile in length.


Matching time trial (MTT)*

A timed run on an autocross course - for consistency. The course (1 run) is over 1 mile in length, such as long road courses.


hill climb*

Timed acceleration test of at least 1/2 mile in length, up and/or down a hill.



A LOW SPEED Event on a beach, sand dune or dirt road.


Drag Race

A wheel to wheel acceleration test between 2 cars on a sanctioned drag strip at least 1/8 mile in length.




Autocross type of event on any ice covered surface. Icekhana Classes are unique to the Icekhana events.




Both a driver and navigator are required. A timed contest for automobiles designed to test the skills of the driver and navigator; gimmicks are used on an Autocross-like course. (NO EXCESSIVE SPEED.)




Both a driver and navigator are required. A competitive automobile run over public roads and under ordinary traffic rules.



economy run

Run in teams (driver and navigator) following a prescribed route over public roads and under ordinary traffic rules. Similar to an easy Rally except scoring is based on fuel mileage.



concours d'elegance

A showing of Corvettes in which the entries are judged for cleanliness and workmanship.



Mystery dinner/breakfast

Participants meet at a designated location, then caravan to a location only known to the host member in the lead car.



poker run

A Fun Run that follows a pre-determined route with designated stops along the way. A playing card is drawn at each stop, with the last card drawn at the end point. The best hand wins.