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Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 9:58 PM To:
Subject: [Carolina Corvettes ] Meteor Shower Event

The meteor shower event is on August 10.

I have reserved a bunch of rooms at the Hampton Inn in Brevard.
The rooms are reserved in my name so you need to let me know if you plan to stay there that night and what first and last name I should change it to.
I'll also included the address below for directions. And they said they would give us a rate of $119 per room.

I'll send more details plans as I have them but for now this is a rough outline of the plans.
Feel free to join up with the group anywhere along the way that you would like if you don't want to make an entire afternoon of it.
First, note that I'm planning a late dinner. Since we'll be up late that night, I recommend a late lunch or at least a snack to hold you over.
I plan to cruise from Greenville up to Brevard in the mid to late afternoon.
We'll arrive at the hotel so everyone can check in and get settled in a little.
We'll go into Brevard for dinner in the later in the evening, probably between 8 and 9. Eat for an hour or two and then cruise up to the look out point.
I think we should get there between 10 and 11. We can get settled in up there and the should be starting to see some meteors.

The meteor showers should hit their highest frequency after midnight.
You can all stay there as long as you'd like and cruise back to the hotel or home or wherever you are staying whenever you feel like you're ready to do that.
I'm planning to provide more detailed directions and specific times in a later email when I get all that worked out.

Also note, plan to dress warm and take lots of blankets and stuff. It will be very cold up there.
You may also want snacks and a flashlight for if you need to move around because it will be pitch black once your car lights go out.
Folding chairs would also be a good idea unless you have a convertible and plan on sitting in that.

That's it for now.

Once again, the most important thing as this moment is if you plan to stay at the hotel tell me you need a room and give me a first and last name to transfer it under for you.
Any rooms I don't get a name for will get dropped from the hold about a week before so it's important for you to let me know if you want me to switch a room into your name.

Thanks everyone,

Hampton Inn Brevard
275 Forest Gate Drive
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768