Here's the plan for our May Event: Saturday the 14th at 6:00 PM at Greenville Pickens Speedway:

Instead of sitting in the stands, we will have a tailgate party on the far side of the track.

Bring your pickup if you have one, and enter the speedway in your vehicle at the Rte 124 entrance ( same as the race cars).

Stay to the left as you enter and head for the first gate on your left .  Here is the Speedway website Greenville Pickens Speedway and a map location link:

There are three parking levels. We will look to find places on the middle level above turn 2 which is at the beginning of the back straight.

From there you can see all the action on the track.  Tickets are $10 per person, same as entering at the regular gate.

Bring a dish of your favorite finger food to share, chips, and drinks. Best to have cuzzies on beer cans although the police leave you alone unless you get too rowdy.

Bring a jacket as it has been cool later in the evening, & earplugs if your ears are sensitive.

Please send an RSVP so I can plan on the number of people coming.

I will have handouts at the tuesday meeting.