Here's the email from last month about the November Lake Jocassee loop cruise for anyone who missed it.  I'll get another email out later today or tomorrow with additional details on the route for those that can't make lunch in Greenville and just want to meet us in route.


For our November activity we will go cruise The Loop on Saturday, November 13th.  For those not familiar with it, The Loop is a nice twisty little loop along the side of a mountain that Mike and I discovered a year or so ago.  So here's the plan.

11:30am - meet at Mojo's Famous Burgers & More North (2541 N. Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville) for lunch  Map Here
12:30 - 1:00pm - some where in that time frame leave Mojo's.  If you didn't come for lunch then just be there by 12:30 so we don't leave you behind.
~2:00pm - Arrive at the start of the loop
~3:00pm - Meet at bar at the top of the loop to regroup.
~3:30pm - leave bar to head down the other side of the loop.
~4:30pm - Arrive at end of loop where we can regroup or people can just head home if they want.  It'll be another hour back to Greenville so we could go get dinner then if that's something the group would like to do but we'll play it by ear.

Pass the word on if you know anyone that doesn't receive the group emails.  Verne, please put it on the website when you have time.  If you have any questions or anything then just let me know. 

For anyone wondering about Luis' email I had already decided I wanted to do The Loop before I got that and just hadn't gotten the email out yet but I am in talks with him about getting that trip planned for a later date. 

Take care everyone,

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