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Hello Everyone,

Our December 10th club outing will be at Cafe and Then Some for the Christmas show - The Ice Storm Cometh.  ---  Dinner Seating @ 7:30 PM

Show description:

It's five days before Christmas, and Dot and Norma find themselves unprepared for the holidays; however, they're hoping a white Christmas will lighten their spirits. A winter storm IS on the way, but it's not snow on the radar . . . it's ICE!

Join Dot (Maureen Abdalla), Norma Jean (Susan Smith) and Little Furman (Todd Weir) as they entertain some very special guests for Christmas and look for a happy ending to a Christmas story that's not quite like any other you've ever seen!

The show starts running November 11 with the normal show schedule of Wednesday nights thru Saturday nights. Dinner seatings are at 6:30 and 7:30 and the show starts at 8:15.  Starting December 6, the show will play every night except Sunday night with the same dinner seating and show times.  At last month's meeting, it was suggested that we plan this event on a week night due to busy holiday schedules.  Please bring your calendars so that we can pick a date for this event.  [Dec 10th @ 7:30]
See you tomorrow night!
~Allyson                       E-MAIL UPDATE 11-17

Cafe and then Some has a small parking lot behind it that you can park in for free.  Also, you can park at J.B. Lacher Jewelry store which is on the next block past Cafe and then Some for free.  It also faces College Street.  (VAT)

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