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Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 9:25 PM
Subject: [Carolina Corvettes ] August Event - Tail of the Dragon

Hello Everybody,
I have been doing research for our Aug. event , Tail of the Dragon.  There are alot of things to consider so I wanted to throw out my idea on how it will go and get your feedback.
I would like to meet up at Clemson around noon on Saterday.  We would gather up and then have some lunch.  From there we will head out to Walhalla and stop for a quick bathroom break.  We will then proceed to take route 28 (the Moonshiner run!!) from Walhalla to Deals gap.  There will be many sights to see along the way such as waterfalls and lakes.  We can make pits stops to enjoy the views and snap some photos.  Esitimated time from Clemson to Deals Gap with short stops is 4 hours.
Once at Deals Gap we can grab a bite to eat and then get a run or two in on the dragon before heading back to the hotel.  We can then wake up early on Sunday and do a couple of morning dragon runs, eat lunch together and then head back home.
For the route home I was thinking of heading out 28 to 74 towards Asheville and then down 26 back to 85.  About a 4 hour journey back.  So if we leave at noon you all can be back home by 4pm Sunday.
I haven't decided on what weekend to do this in Aug yet so please let me know who all is interested and what the best weekend would be when we all can make it.
The above rough plan is just that and can be changed and tweaked as needed.  Also if anyone wants to come up on Saturday and then head back Saterday night you can do that also.

For Comment or Preferred Date -  Please respond to the Club Vice President  link on the club website pages  use the e-mail reply link below

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