From: on behalf of sycoares []
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 9:29 PM
Subject: Lunch, Cruise and 007 Movie

Hi Vern,
    Here's the email I sent earlier today to the people who said they
were planning to attend.  The most important details are:

12 noon - lunch at Carolina Barbeque in Spartanburg
1:30pm - leave and cruise to theater
2:50pm - movie showing time at Regal Hollywood 20 in Greenville

The rest of the before mentioned email is below in case you need any
of the other nitty gritty details.  Thanks.



Hi guys,
    It looks like the best time the movie is playing is 2:50pm so I'm
figuring 12 noon for lunch at Carolina Barbeque in Spartanburg until
about 1:30pm or so to cruise back to Greenville for the movie.  That
should get us back about 20 to 30 minutes before the movie so we'll
have plenty of time to get tickets and seats and all that fun stuff.
Matinee ticket price appears to be $6.50.  Here's the address and
phone number for Carolina Barbeque:

296 E. Blackstock Rd.
Spartanburg, SC
[I-26 & Reidville Rd]

It's actually on E. Blackstock Rd just south of the intersection with
Reidville Rd (some mapping programs put it north of the intersection).
 Coming from the Reidville Rd intersection it's on the right.  It
looks a little bit like a dive like all good BBQ places should.
Here's the link to the map on the place's website:

See you there.